Room Dimensions for a Pool Table

Two of the main concerns and questions billiard/ pool table customers ask is if their available space is large enough for a pool table, and which size table is best for the room area.

Let me start with explaining how the 3 main sizes of pool tables are measured. Even though we call pool tables 7′ 8′ or 9′, the true measurement is from the nose of the cushion to the opposite cushion (both width and length).

Bar Size pool tables are measured 39″ x 78″ and are called 3 1/2 x 7′ (a 7 foot table)

Standard Size pool tables are measured 44″ x 88″ and are called 4 x 8′ (an 8 foot table)

Tournament Size pool tables are measured 50″ x 100″ and are called 4 1/2 x 9″ (a 9 foot table)

There are other sizes of billiard tables globally but these are the 3 main sizes for pool tables in the USA and Canada.

What Size Pool Table Do I Need?

There are minimum room dimensions that are recommended for a pool table.  These numbers are based on the standard cue length of 57″- 58″:

  • a 7′ pool table requires a minimum room size of 12′ 9″ x 16′
  • a 8’requires a minimum room size of 13’2″ x 16’10”
  • a 9’requires a minimum room size of 13’8″ x 17’10”

Choosing a pool cue size:

If you don’t have quite the necessary room size listed above, or you have a pole or obstruction in the room, you can always purchase a 36″ 42″ 48″ or 52″ cue stick. For example just subtract the 52″ cue from the 58″ cue and you need 6″ less in width and length of your room.
Stop by or call Craig Connelly at CRAIG BILLIARDS if you would like to discuss the required room size for a pool table further. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect furniture for your game room!

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