Limited Edition Teak Shuffleboard

Limited Edition Teak Shuffleboard

Handcrafted from top-quality solid teak, a fine-grained hardwood that is rich in natural oils and prized for its beauty, strength and moisture resistance, the Limited Edition Teak shuffleboard features sleek lines and a warm natural finish.

The playing surface is constructed of select kiln-dried Hard-Rock Maple and topped with our Polymer Finish (lifetime warranty). This is the same finish insisted upon by the Professionals in tournament play. And to help keep the playing surface true, climatic adjusters are included.

Also Included is One Set of Eight Playing Weights, 2 Bottles of Speed Powders, 5 Inch Adjustable Leg Levelers, and One Board Wipe.

Join the Pros and Enjoy Playing Shuffleboard on a Beautifully Designed Limited Edition Teak Shuffleboard. Available Sizes are 9′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, or 22′ (tournament size).


  • - 9′
  • - 12′
  • - 14′
  • - 16′
  • - 18′
  • - 20′
  • - 22′
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