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Craig Connelly started building pool tables in 1976, started his own company in 1980. A couple of years after naming the company Connelly Pool Tables as he knew that the word pool table was more common that billiard tables, he changed the company name to Connelly Billiard Manufacturing as the factory was the primary business. Craig opened retail stores starting in 1982 (had 7 operating in Arizona at one time) The retail stores focused on all game room furniture, billiard tables, shuffleboard tables, game tables, and everything related to a game room. The factory produced pool tables, snooker tables, carom tables as well as other assorted billiard accessories. Craig began Craig Billiards in 2016 after closing his large pool table factory. Craig Connelly wrote the majority of the BCA's (Billiard Congress of America's) pool table specification back in the 1980's. Craig is a true billiard expert as far as pool table design and playability. Let Craig or his highly qualified team help you with your billiard table selection. 


Pool Table

Pool Table


Table shuffleboard, game in which players push metal-and-plastic weighted pucks (also called weights or quoits) down a long and smooth wooden table into a scoring area at the opposite end of the table. Shooting is performed with the hand directly, as opposed to deck shuffleboard's use of cue sticks.

Back in 15th Century Britain, people played a amusement of sliding a “great” (a huge British coin of the day worth almost four pence) down a table. The diversion was called shove-groat and/or slide-groat. Afterward, a silver penny was utilized and the title of the diversion got to be shove-penny and/or shovel-penny. The diversion was played by the youthful and ancient, and was a favorite interest within the awesome nation houses of Staffordshire, Winchester and Wiltshire. Whereas our Establishing Fathers were active putting together the makings of this awesome nation, there were huge shuffleboard matches being conducted all through the colonies.

Billiard table

Pool table or billiards have a long and wealthy history. They were found within the 15th century and was played by rulers in those times. It was practiced in Europe and at to begin with was played as an open air diversion and before long got to be an indoor diversion with wooden tables and green cloth to reenact the grass.

The title billiards was determined from the French dialect. They utilized a adhere called mace made of wood. The amusement was called as Respectable Diversion of Billiards. The amusement of billiards was indeed perfectly depicted in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra. At that point the cue-stick was created that supplanted the Macy’s.

The signal was as it were utilized by men whereas women proceeded to utilize the wooden mace.The tables were shaped with all the edges secured that anticipate the ball from falling. The edges were called as banks and soon players begun to hit shots called bank shots which can make the ball drop from the rails of the pool table.

Craig Connelly started building pool tables for a small mom and pop operation in Phoenix in 1976. In 1980 he opened his own company in Tucson Arizona doing the same. Craig researched the billiard table industry, learning from the masters of the time. Craig always was in the process of improving his pool tables by making them thicker, wider, stronger, more solid, all leading to faster and more importantly a more accurate ball response. Craig's retail operation carried the nations best game room furniture and still does today. Quality manufactured in the USA game room furniture including top quality shuffleboard tables. Shuffleboard tables that can match pool tables as well as other game room furniture. Craig's pool tables were used for many years on ESPN for women's professional billiard tournaments. We offer traditional style pool tables as well as contemporary pool tables. We custom design pool tables to fit your decor or have 100's of standard designs of billiard tables. The the billiard experts at Craig Billiards help you select the very best quality and design pool table for your game room. 


Game Room

Game Tables

Around the world there are many game tables of this world-class skill game. At Craig Billiards we will advise you on all the features of pool tables and work tools to create a game room. at Craig Billiards we have all the furniture you want for your game room that is so necessary to provide an excellent sporting environment for your local. Among the game room furniture you can find we offer the best shuffleboards, pool table and tennis tables ideal for your game room to give you a diversity of activities for your clients.

The best gaming tables in Arizona state, you'll find them in Phoenix. At Craig Billiards we offer the most luxurious and top quality pool tables in the US. In our shop we also have bar stools and table and bar stools for sale, as well as everything you need to set up your own bar with the best designs and materials on the market.

Pub Tables

Among all the game room furniture we have to offer, you will find the best Pub tables, chairs, stools, bar stools and counter, table tennis table and dining pool tables all with the highest quality that you can find in Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ, USA.

Craig Billiards offers only manufactured in the USA game room furniture. Our game tables, shuffleboard, pool tables are all of top quality, offer endless options as far as finish color, wood species, sizes and styles. We offer round, octagon, oblong game tables, fantastic game room chairs, barstools, all that can match the pool table and shuffleboard table that you select. Many of our game tables are called 2 in 1 tables, this means that they are reversible and have a dining top on one side and a game table on the opposite side. You can also add a bumper pool option making this what we call a 3 in 1 game table. Our game room bar stools come in a variety of heights  to fit any bar. Let Craig Billiard help you select the best options for your game room. 


What Our Clients Say

We strive to provide the best quality products and service anywhere, but don't take our word for it.

Craig is amazing to work with. He helped with the order and kept us updated during the process. The installers were more than experts! The pool table is the most balanced, gorgeous and just awesome fun! We absolutely love the pool room chairs also. We will be back!

Diane S. Pool Table

My wife and I were in the market to purchase our first ever pool table and fortunately we found Craig Billiards. Craig Connelly was extremely knowledgeable and helped us find the right pool table to fit into our new home. The table was delivered on time and the set up was handled very professionally.

Mark F. Pool Table

Stopped in today to get some things for my dads pool sticks, Thomas was really helpful and knowledgeable. They have lots of pool tables, sticks and other games in the show room. I’ll definitely be sending my Dad in there to help freshen up his pool table!

Gina W. Pool Table

My family and I live in Scottsdale, AZ. We had a great experience working with Craig Billiards, and the owner, Craig Connelly. We purchased a custom-built shuffleboard table through them which was designed to match our pool table. The color and style is a perfect match and we are extremely happy with the table, ordering, and installation process. Thank you Craig Billiards!

Mark J. Shuffleboard Table

Craig’s pool table store is awesome, great variety of tables and accessories. We bought a beautiful table and the transaction, creation, delivery and set up was seamless and with great quality. I would recommend Craig’s Billiards to everyone.

Audrey M. Pool Table

Gorgeous snooker table. Craig was an absolute pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable. Table showed up on time and as ordered. Blaine arrived on time to set the table up, he did a great job. All in all a great experience working with Craig's Billiards.

Ron Snooker Table

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